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UFOs are Not Unidentified, They are Not Flying, and They are Definitely not Objects!

UFOs are actually shape-shifting sentient beings of light. They hide to survive (liars by omission). They are evil.

I’m still working on adding all my videos to this website, in the meantime check them all out here:

Cedar Rapids, Iowa “UFOs”

UFOs are a lie, but they are a lie being perpetrated on the supernatural level. Think about it, why would aliens travel millions of light years to kill cattle, make pretty pictures in crop fields, and kidnap people? What is going on is much more sinister.

A “UFO” is a living ball of electromagnetic energy, which scientists have labeled as “dark plasma energy.” The Bible specifically states that these creatures of light are a sect of fallen angels that are bound to the earth, as well as the spirits of their Nephilim offspring, known as “demons.” They are not dead people!

The secret to seeing orb spirits is to use a high powered infrared laser with a night vision camera. The infrared laser will illuminate them for the infrared camera, and sometimes may manifest for you to see with your own eyes! Be warned though, researching spirits on your own can result in demonic harassment, possessions, and even God disowning you. Expose evil, but never try to become a part of this evil force.

“UFO” Compilations – Contains a mix of C.R., IA videos with other correlating footage:

UFO Compilations [Notes – FIX category in URL!]

Personal “UFO” Clips – All footage from C.R., IA.

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