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Compilations of orbs, UFOs, spirits, ghosts, etc.

Pareidolia: The Glowing Birds Phenomenon (Proof Birds Are Being Mistaken For Orbs and “UFOs”)

Alright, new moon for March 2016 was 3/8/16. It was cloudy out so I ended up getting 99% of my captures on 3/9/16 – 3/11/16.

Basically, nocturnal birds glow so bright, that they are appearing as balls of light under night vision cameras. After years of research, and lots of wasted money on high end equipment, I need to put an end to this pareidolia.

Pareidolia – “The imagined perception of a pattern or meaning where it does not actually exist…”

As stated in my new video, if you want to believe in God, then do so for the right reasons. If you want to expose demonic spirits then do so, but do it the correct way. See details in video.

Again, these were recorded just a few weeks ago. I have been working hard to get this information out as fast as I could. Please get the word out so other people don’t make the same mistake as me!

-Suspended Belief


Orbs in Videos – 2015 Compilation – Orb / UFO / Demon / Angel Formations Hit With Laser

Orbs in Videos – 2015 Compilation – Orb / UFO / Demon / Angel Formations Hit With Laser

Music: Maxence Cyrin – “Where Is My Mind”

These orbs come out every year in March, during the week of the new moon.

Location: NE Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Time: Footage taken night of 3-21-15 between 9pm-2am, one night after the new moon.

Camera: Xenonics (now dead)

For editing purposes, the second to last clip is running at 98% speed, and the last clip is running at 400%.

Additional notes: this time of year has the worst weather, and 2015 was no exception. Some years you only get one good night. Stupid weather.


Orbs Are Not Bugs

I lot of paranormal researchers are throwing away really good material because they are dismissing tiny orb spirits are bugs. Yes, bugs show up frequently outside, but it is also a fact that orbs do indeed move just like bugs. This videos will help show you what to look for to help differentiate between legitimate orbs, and insects.


How to See Orb Spirits Using Modern Day Technology

So, digital cameras are just as good as “cats eyes,” in that they can see low light. The flash from the digital camera only illuminates these orbs. Sometimes they display images, such as faces, within their orb sphere. I personally do not like point and click digital cameras, but rather actual video footage. Video is much more credible.


19 Orb Clips

I report, you decide.

Remember, you can test this on your own, and I show you how! Don’t forget!


UFO Twins – Multiple Sightings – 2012 Compilation – Cedar Rapids, Iowa USA

In full disclosure, I found out after uploading this video that there are at least one pair of satellites called the N.O.S.S. satellites. They are supposedly US naval satellites, so why they would be flying over Iowa, I have not idea. Perhaps a few of these captures in my video are indeed the N.O.S.S. satellites, but I thing the majority are not satellites. If you disagree, I suggest you watch my video compilation titled “What Are Spirits According to the Bible?”


What Are Spirits According to The Bible?

This is my first movie, hope you like!

More to come, stay tuned!


UFOs, Ghosts, the Devil and The Big Lie

This is another compilation of various footage which proves that we are dealing with spirits and not objects!

Music by Queens of The Stone Age – Song: Keep Your Eyes Peeled – Album: Like Clockwork

Ok, sorry for all the emails and subscriber alerts that went out while I was in the process of trying to get a proper HD upload.

Alright, hope you all like the video.


My First Post – “UFO Compilation 1 – April 2012 – (OVNI, fallen angels, UFOs, orbs)”

My intent is to show that “UFOs” are demons / fallen angels. This synapse is to show, not my very first, but my first experiences using night vision with these “beings of light.”

I don’t know where to start, so let’s start from the beginning.

First, I ponder the question, are UFOs real?

Then, I investigate. I figure out people are seeing them using night vision goggles.

I buy a Xenonics night vision scope / monocular.

My first night, I go outside, and I see a line of four orbs moving West. They flew vertically in a line (from North to South), moving West. I put my camera down and smoked a cig. I had goosebumps for a few minutes.

Next night, same thing, only this time the formation was moving in a two-prong pitch fork formation, only one of the “prongs” was broke off and moved to the other side. I’ll explain with a picture later. It too was moving west, but was moving at an angle. I later described this and showed a simple picture to my brother who is in the Marines, and his first response was (paraphrased), “…those are moving in battle formation.”

At this point I figured I need to put the camera down and find out how to record this footage in the best quality possible. What started out as a simple task turned out to be a new challenge, with many struggles you will see in future posts and pages. As of 5-28-13, I do not have a page on this site on how to see orbs, UFOs, spirits, or whatever you want to call them, so in the meantime, check out this thread I started here:

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