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How to Stop Hauntings, Possessions, & “Alien Abductions”

Article description: this article will describe the basic strategy that convicted spirits use to hurt you. It is the same story told over and over. You will also learn how you can stop all paranormal activity by yourself, as stated in the Bible.

The same story.

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times.,,

A family moves into a new home.

Everything is jolly and wonderful for a few months.

Then, the dogs and cats start acting weird, and eventually die.

Your kids start having night terrors / possessions, which the doctors pass off as sleep paralysis.

Finally, you start to see things, shadows out of the corners of your eyes, balls of light, etc.

You hear knocking noises.

You hear whispers.

You question your sanity.

You are afraid people will think you are crazy, and don’t talk about your experiences.

You can’t take it anymore.

You contact a paranormal investigator team.

They collect video and audio evidence to prove to themselves they are not crazy. Then they leave. They leave you alone with the demonic spirit(s), after taking your money.

Finally, you decide to tackle this problem on your own.

You visit your local library, research your house online and off, and finally you “figure it all out.” You have a “moment of truth.” A “point of realization.” Basically, what eventually surmounts to a “fake eureka,” only you don’t realize this just yet.

You come to the “realization” that someone died a horrific death in your house! This “must” explain the existence of a “ghost!” Someone died, and their soul is trapped! This is the point where you have become fooled…

Now that you have evidence that someone died in your home, you begin to make contact with “the dead.”

You do your homework, and find out that you can ask spirits questions using the electronic voice phenomenon (E.V.P) technique, where you use a digital audio recorder to receive answers (lies) to your questions from spirits that whisper when they talk.

You ask the spirit what its name is, and it tells you the same name of the person who died a horrific death in your house. Mere coincidence? You don’t think so, because you don’t yet understand the deception…

You gather more evidence by taking digital photos in your house, and find a few that show orbs of light depicting a face within, the same face of the person who died in your house! To prove to yourself that these are indeed orbs and not dust or humidity you start to record video, and see the exact same orb phenomenon!

Eventually, you give in to the spirits’ demands. You leave your house, and go through the hassle of moving. You have now effectively been played for a fool!

Others, they will become so intrigued by their paranormal experience that they will actively seek out these “trapped” spirits by visiting abandoned asbestos laden properties, places with black mold and filth. This is how the Devil and his cohorts fool people.

Some people will hire a spiritual medium to cleanse their house. After the fake ritual, the spirit leaves, for the sole reason of making the homeowner think that they have effectively rid the spirit from the residence using the mediums techniques, thereby proving to the homeowner that God is not needed to remove these spirits. The truth is anyone can rid these spirits by simply asking Christ to get rid of them.

When you hear knocking noises, hear voices, feel the presence of something evil, all you have to do is ask Christ to get rid of the filth. You don’t need an exorcist, a priest, a paranormal team, a spirit medium, all you need is some faith.

People who are scholars in the “alien abduction” phenomenon have repeatedly said off record that they have all heard from witnesses that calling out the name of God will stop these alien abduction demonic possessions. They don’t publish this because it goes against the UFO community’s atheist way of thinking.

It’s the same with the paranormal ghost hunting community. If your eyes go black, you feel sick, you smell sulfur, anytime you feel a demonic presence simply ask God to remove the entity and it will be done. Remember, holding a crucifix in front of you will do nothing, all you need is a little faith.

The deception explained.

Without a source, all you have is conjecture. Rationalization via what you feel is not logical.

Using the Bible (something people have bled and died for) as a source, we can easily explain away the age old deceptive tricks that demonic spirits use to remove God from society.

What happens when a person dies according to the Bible? Long story short, they rest in peace.

What are the demonic earth bound spirits defined as according to the Bible? They are the fallen angels, and their Nephilim offsprings’ spirits known as demons, all which are led by their leader, Lucifer / Satan / the Devil, ruler of earth.

Now that we know that fallen angels and demons are responsible for masquerading as dead people, we can now understand why…

The Bible states that when a person dies, they have no influence over the affairs of the earth. If the demon spirits can “prove” to you otherwise, that the Bible is wrong, then they have effectively removed the belief in God from your mind.

“Ghosts” are not dead people, but rather demonic spirits pretending to be spirits of dead people! Likewise, “UFOs” are not extraterrestrial, but rather earth bound spirits, balls of light, electromagnetic energy, plasma beings.

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