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Soul Damnation Warning

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Expose evil, do not communicate with it. EVPs (electronic voice phenomenons) are a deceptive supernatural lie . They (evil spirits) cannot talk to you without you asking for permission [morneau quote here]. Just like high school, when one picks on you, you need to make friends with those more powerful than that one. Likewise, if an evil spirit is messing with you, you need to ask God (the one from the Bible) for some help. You aren’t supernatural, so you are not going to win without some Holy help! Call Him God, Jesus, Christ, whatever, His name is the most authoritative name in the universe. He will get rid of your demons and fallen angels, all you have to do is ask.

Your will is free. Do what you want with it.

God says the devil is real and bound to the earth. If I can prove that true, then by default, God (King James Version God) is real!

[show Bible example, followed by real life example.]

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