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glowing bird formations

Pareidolia: The Glowing Birds Phenomenon (Proof Birds Are Being Mistaken For Orbs and “UFOs”)

Alright, new moon for March 2016 was 3/8/16. It was cloudy out so I ended up getting 99% of my captures on 3/9/16 – 3/11/16.

Basically, nocturnal birds glow so bright, that they are appearing as balls of light under night vision cameras. After years of research, and lots of wasted money on high end equipment, I need to put an end to this pareidolia.

Pareidolia – “The imagined perception of a pattern or meaning where it does not actually exist…”

As stated in my new video, if you want to believe in God, then do so for the right reasons. If you want to expose demonic spirits then do so, but do it the correct way. See details in video.

Again, these were recorded just a few weeks ago. I have been working hard to get this information out as fast as I could. Please get the word out so other people don’t make the same mistake as me!

-Suspended Belief

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