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Who to Believe?

People who have done their own research and helped persuade me by simply telling me the facts and letting me come to my own spiritual conclusions:

*Bible Apologists’ – Highly recommended!
**Names that I have not yet researched, but know to be truthful people.
_All others are names are those I do not remember, but have to research before I die.

*Bill Cooper (Behold a Pale Horse)
*Ted Gunderson
**Al Neal
**William Guy Carr (Pawns in the Game)
*Roger Morneau (A Trip into the Supernatural)
**Cathy O’Brian
*Fritz Springmeier
Benjamin Bulford
Bill Schnoebelen (exposing the illuminati from within & masonry: beyond the light)
Keith Thompson (exposing the satanic empire final cut)
*John Todd
Craige Lewis
*Chuck Missler
**Jacques Vallee
**J. Allen Hynek
Lynn Marzulli
*Dr. Walter Veith
Dr David Jacobs
*Gary Bates
Don Elkins
*Dave Hunt
**Brother Michael Diamond
**Stephen Dollins (Former high level satanist)
**Ellen White (The Great Controversy)

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