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How to See Ghost Orbs (Spirits) & UFOs

Updated 2/25/14 – Still under construction.

Introduction video…

Table of contents:

  1. Warning – this information can damn your soul!
  2. Digital Cameras – CCD vs. CMOS Low Light Sensors
  3. Night Vision Camera Method
  4. How to See Orb Spirits With Your Naked Eyes
  5. Solar Obliteration Method
  6. Laser Methods
  7. Flash Method
  8. Alice Mirror Method
  9. How to See Ghost Orbs Anytime During the Day
  10. How to See Ghost Orbs Anytime During the Night
  11. How to see faces in ghost orbs
  12. How to talk to spirits
  13. Fastest cheapest way to see spirits right now
  14. How pilots can see UFOs

Warning – this information can damn your soul!

Expose evil, but DO NOT COMMUNICATE WITH IT! Talking to these demonic spirits will [add roger m. quote] damn your soul. Christ does not want you to communicate with these spirits because they tell a bit of truth to accentuate their lies. Again, the intent of this site is to expose the filth, not make people apart of it! You have been warned!

Digital Cameras – CCD vs. CMOS Low Light Sensors

Side by side comparison video…

Basically, all digital cameras use low-light sensors. This includes point-and-shoot, as well as those that can also record video.

What you need is a camera that does not have an IR-out (infrared light blocking) filter.  Some webcams paint this filter right onto the camera lens. Some high-end professional cameras also include these filters. Most cameras do not.

To test your camera, point a TV remote at your camera while pressing any button on the remote and take a picture or record video of the remote. If you can see the infrared light coming from the remote then you have a good camera for seeing orb spirits! If not, it is more than likely because your camera has an infrared-out lens. Do your homework!

As for quality, for those who didn’t watch the video above, CCD will capture each frame in full, whereas CMOS will capture each frame one line at a time. This makes a big difference when recording fast moving pictures, such as close-ups of orbs. CMOS is cheaper, has the capability of recording up to 1,000 fps (frames per second) on cheap models, but low fps makes the video look wobbly (see video above). CCD is more expensive but not by a lot, and not a lot of consumer models have a high fps. CMOS and CCD can average 30 fps, which is good enough for the beginner and intermediate photographer.

Night Vision Camera Method

Orb spirits live in the sky. Some live close to the ground. The ones on the ground can be illuminated with lasers, the ones in the sky with the solar obliteration method.

[See the “recording methods” for capturing high quality video.]

So, with night vision, you’ve got the Generation 1, 2, 3, and 4 models, and then you have Xenonics Supervision which is what I use. In full disclosure, some say the Xenonics Supervision is not a true infrared camera, but actually the best starlight amplifier. I bought mine because after researching the “night vision UFO” videos on YouTuber, I found out from YouTuber Magnetflipper that the Xenonics is best for night sky viewing. Although expensive, I love mine, it’s worth every penny! The only thing I don’t like is there are random burnt out pixels, perhaps from using it in conjunction with a 2W laser, who knows. Xenonics advertises that their Supervision can withstand looking into the sun, which I have tested and agree with, and I also know that a lot of Gen-X models have had problems with pointing their models at bright lights, causing burnt out pixels if not a destroyed product. It’s all about what you can afford versus reliability. These are the things you need to know and think about before making a purchase.

How to See Orb Spirits With Your Naked Eyes

When the sun is at “high noon,” stand behind an object to block out the sun. Look near the corona, you will see spirits flying around in the form of white balls of light, flying solo or in formation with other spirits. It’s like fishing, some days are good, others take forever to get a good catch.

Solar Obliteration Method

Doing the same as above, but only with a camera or camcorder, will produce way better results! The first method is to add an IR-in (infrared-in lens) to your CCD or CMOS digital camera and zoom in near the corona. Do NOT look through the infrared-in lens with your naked eyes for you WILL go blind!

Second method, get a “night-shot” camera, such as one of the Sony Night Shot models, add on a welders sun blocker [add blockers here], and forget about the IR-in lens. I tested this once with my Xenonics Supervision, but didn’t like the results. My camera still works, but perhaps this too contributed to the burnt out pixels on my screen.

[make page with good cameras and camera vs footage examples]

Laser Methods

Tested: 2W (2,000mw) 450nm laser with adjustable flood mode will pick up orb spirits with the naked eye, but only up close orb spirits.
[to add: examples]

Tested: 2W 450nm laser with IR camera (Xenonics), works great with laser setting at a point as well as with the laser setting put to flood mode. I like the pointer mode because it prooves (to me at least) that these are not out of focus bugs, for the laser would burn their eyes and wings at the very least. Flood mode is my favorite because it pics these firefly-type-orbs up, and some fly in synch in groups of two, three, or more.
[to add: personal footage examples]

Tested: 3W and 5W IR-lasers. These lasers produce invisible yet highly radioactive beams of light. You can point it at your hand and will not feel anything, but the light is actually decaying the structural DNA within your hand and probably giving you cancer. You have been warned.

[show source that provided the idea, laser website]

These lasers come with adjustable focus lenses, so you can create a laser point, or you can just take off the focus to create a huge wide beam. The smaller the laser beam (the higher the concentration of light) the greater the ghost orbs will glow, but the probability of capturing one on film decreases. High beam is my favorite, but only for the 5W IR-laser I tested.

Not Tested (yet): Some of my research has suggested that these orb spirits do not like UV (ultra violet) light. Other research says otherwise. Check up on this page for details.

[to add, UV lasers are 350nm wavelengths and under, I think]

Flash Method

Use the flash on a camera and look above the viewfinder The light will illuminate whatever orbs may be in front of you.

Light temperature. Link to wiki source.

Alice Mirror Method

This was first discovered by [add source to “the veil is lifting” video].

This is an old method, so I will explain it the way the video shows…

Put a camcorder (VHS in this case) up to a series of three mirrors that create a circle of vision from the camera lens to the viewfinder.

[add pic example]

From personal contact information, this tactic takes a lot of time.

How to See Ghost Orbs Anytime During the Day

[see here and here]

How to See Ghost Orbs Anytime During the Night

“UFO” hunters of all types; agnostic, atheist, and Bible apologists, have figured out that “UFOs,” or high-flying-orbs, can be seen in high numbers during sunset and sunrise. This has to do with the solar obliteration method [link to above] or as I like to call it, the corona method. Something about the sunlight’s corona illuminates these orb-UFOs. I once thought too that it was just the sunset / sunrise reflecting light off satellites, but after researching Martyn Stubbs stolen NASA footage, I am convinced otherwise (in my heart and mind). [make martyn stubbs corona compilation video]

[show correlating sources here]

How to see faces in ghost orbs

Some people swear that ghost orbs can make create images, mainly faces, within the orbs themselves. [example]

Some say that spirit orbs can project images [example]

Assuming they can only morph images within themselves, this is the best way to capture their detail…

You need a blank background, a bright light source, and a regular low light camera (video or point and shoot) with no IR-out lens.

Example one: setup a black curtain, outside, where there is abnormally large orb activity. Take continuous point and shoot pictures of the curtain, using a flash, of course. For video, setup a bright light source along side the curtain, have the light pointing towards the camera, and use the “solar obliteration” method to create a “corona.”

How to talk to spirits

Don’t do it! They will tell you a little truth, then lie to you. [add Bible quote stating you can only ask if they are of Christ, or Lucifer.][Make new page with EVP / ITC argument]

Fastest cheapest way to see spirits right now

1.) Find an old floppy disk. Rip it open. Take the floppy disk out of it’s shell.

2.) Cut off a square piece of it. As you can see, it is very opaque, so this will only work during the day. This will act as your infrared-in filter.

3.) Tape it onto the lens of your video camera. Video is much better than still photos.

4.) Go outside daytime, point the camera straight up (for high flying UFO orbs) or at treetop (for low flying spirit orbs) and record in the highest quality video as possible.

5.) Go inside, download VLC or use your favorite video player to load up your footage. Press the fast forward button up to 3x. Anything faster and you might miss something (average frame rate for the human eye is 30 frames per second).

6.) Use a video editing program if you know how, and edit out the clip. Render it at “HD 1080p at 29.97FPS,” upload to YouTube.

7.) Send me a message with your capture, and let me know if you want me to post it to my site!

How pilots can see UFOs

Use the method mentioned above. All you need is a floppy disk to act as your infrared-in filter.

Tape a piece of this thin dark film over the lens of your camera. This will only work when the sun is out.

Setup your cameras recording settings to 720p or 1080p. These are your two highest high definition settings.

I am not a pilot, but if I was, I would initially set up my camera on top of the planes 8,000 instrumental dashboard, at a 45 degree angle. Otherwise, just use some scotch tape and tape it to the window. Make sure not to point the camera directly into the sun.

Record your footage, copy it over to your computer, and load it up into Video Lan Client, or your favorite video player. Fast forward it, and stop and cut it when you see the white or black balls go flying by. Make sure to send me your footage!

5 Responses to How to See Ghost Orbs (Spirits) & UFOs

  • Adnan says:

    I’ve taken tons of ghost tours over the years and after taking the mighndit tour I can definitely understand why it was chosen Best of Savannah 2011. Most interesting and informative tour anyone in my group had ever taken and I must admit, a bit creepy.

  • Escalus says:

    Oh yes, I will be checking in from time to time. This site is educational and helps me to learn. We all need a biblical understanding of evil spirits, but also it helps to see them and the rest of their ilk exposed in real-time.

  • Escalus says:

    I don’t know how much further you plan on developing this website, but I think it deserves a little bit more. This is a wonderful effort you have made to really shed some light (no pun intended) on these spirit deceivers. I too do a bit of this research on my own, but not to the scale that you have taken the effort to. I would like to see this site finished, if you are able that is. God bless and please take a care!

    • Site Owner says:

      Thanks for the first comment!

      I spend most my time recording, adding timestamps, editing, and producing. I have only uploaded a small portion of my content. I don’t know when the site will be finished, hopefully never! The new technology coming out dwarfs that of what I am using.

      New compilation coming soon, stay tuned!

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