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How to See Orb Spirits Using Modern Day Technology

So, digital cameras are just as good as “cats eyes,” in that they can see low light. The flash from the digital camera only illuminates these orbs. Sometimes they display images, such as faces, within their orb sphere. I personally do not like point and click digital cameras, but rather actual video footage. Video is much more credible.


Interdimensional Entity Comes Within 5 Feet of Camera

I have to use synonyms such as “interdimensional entities” in order to get ranked in the search engines and to get traffic to my site. I don’t know if they are interdimensional or not. If I had to put money on it, I would say, as of now, 51% of me believes that they are NOT interdimensional, but rather right here, with us, in our dimension.


Bouncy Orb – Cedar Rapids, Iowa

I have two other clips showing this same type of movement from two other sources. Stay tuned and you will see!


Flock of UFOs Breaks Apart When Hit By Laser! – Cedar Rapids, Iowa USA – 11.15.2012

You will like this one! If you try this yourself, remember, shining a laser at an airliner can put you in jail! Don’t be stupid!


My First Post – “UFO Compilation 1 – April 2012 – (OVNI, fallen angels, UFOs, orbs)”

My intent is to show that “UFOs” are demons / fallen angels. This synapse is to show, not my very first, but my first experiences using night vision with these “beings of light.”

I don’t know where to start, so let’s start from the beginning.

First, I ponder the question, are UFOs real?

Then, I investigate. I figure out people are seeing them using night vision goggles.

I buy a Xenonics night vision scope / monocular.

My first night, I go outside, and I see a line of four orbs moving West. They flew vertically in a line (from North to South), moving West. I put my camera down and smoked a cig. I had goosebumps for a few minutes.

Next night, same thing, only this time the formation was moving in a two-prong pitch fork formation, only one of the “prongs” was broke off and moved to the other side. I’ll explain with a picture later. It too was moving west, but was moving at an angle. I later described this and showed a simple picture to my brother who is in the Marines, and his first response was (paraphrased), “…those are moving in battle formation.”

At this point I figured I need to put the camera down and find out how to record this footage in the best quality possible. What started out as a simple task turned out to be a new challenge, with many struggles you will see in future posts and pages. As of 5-28-13, I do not have a page on this site on how to see orbs, UFOs, spirits, or whatever you want to call them, so in the meantime, check out this thread I started here:

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